Change Your Life With Loose Change

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  1. Retail. I’ve found hundreds of dollars of lost bills and change in retail stores. Any time you are out you should be on the lookout for change. Make it a habit to comb every aisle and register, even if you don’t find change, the extra steps are an added bonus to your health.
  2. The Busiest Sidewalks. The busier the better. Park somewhere in the city and go for a long walk, or go to the huge factory outlets and mini-malls, park, then walk a very long multi-mile circuit. Listen to podcasts while on your long walk. Also, by scouting out and walking sidewalks you should keep an eye on any laundromats in the area so you can do a quick walkthrough for that sweet, easy change.
  3. Secondhand stores and Goodwill bins. The Goodwill bins may be regional to me, but this is a place where donated goods go before they die. At my local bins groups of immigrants will hang out all day long and raid the purses every time the bins are changed over. They find enough money (tax free!) to keep them coming back.



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Some serious and some satire articles. Only I know the difference.