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Speedreading is so 2000s. And while speedreading is an important tool in any learner’s chest, ultrareading is the new phenomenon of reading that will take the world by storm and introduce a new age of learning and understanding.

The modern reader understands they can absorb information and download it directly into their subconscious. By scanning books as quickly as you can, looking at the words and emptying your mind, your subconscious will absorb the information and process it over time.

So, with speedreading, you are thinking about the text as you move through it quickly, and often take breaks or pause to figure something out. With ultrareading, you don’t do any of that, you reserve any further thinking for afterward, or not at all, because you are relying on your subconscious self, not your conscious self to process the information, just like how we rely on our brains to dream to process the heavy load of sensory input throughout the day.

With ultrareading, you can read 5–10 books a day, or more, and still gain knowledge. Think about it, the vast majority of information you read is useless to you and you forget it. If you’re going to forget 90% or more of the information you read anyway, you may as well download it as fast as possible by upgrading to the speed of your sight and subconscious instead of reading slowly, bit by bit, word after word.

Ultrareading also involves a few separate techniques that differ from speedreading. With speedreading you read everything in the book. You also do this when you skim. But, I tell you, there is very little reason to read every part of every chapter. Instead, go straight to concluding paragraphs, read intros and conclusions, don’t waste time and memory-space on the particulars. Ignore every novel ever produced. There’s nothing in novels that will help you in your hustle and grind for more money or knowledge. Novels are all bunk, and I say this as someone who has read the top 100 novels of all time. Save novels for your leisure, when you slow down your reading because you want to enjoy the story. The same goes for most history and biographies. You aren’t going to gain much in those books except ammunition to waste even more of your time arguing with strangers online.

What you want to read as an ultrareader are pure self-help books, science books, philosophy, articles and studies, fitness and health, money-making strategies, how to books, dummies series books, books on improving writing and speaking and problem solving, technical books and books that train you to do practical things.

Ultrareading is not a prescription on how to read all your life, or for every book you ever come across. It does not negate or eliminate regular reading or speedreading, it is meant to maximize knowledge and information on all of the most practical areas of your life and ultimately SAVE YOU TIME so you can TAKE ACTION.

So, you ask, how do I do this ultrareading?

  1. First, learn to speedread. I use a very basic technique, called chunking, where you look at a word on a line and use your peripheral vision to take in multiple words at once. You should only need to look at two or three words per line to get a whole line then move to the next line. Don’t think the words in your head, called subvocalization. Your brain will recognize the words instantly (unless the word is unfamiliar/new, in which case you must press on unless you are reading jargon-heavy material, in which case you may want to stop reading because you lack the prerequisites).

That concludes what ultrareading is and why you should incorporate it in your learning-life. Ultrareading is not meant to take over your life and make you obsessed with reading everything at your local library or achieve reading 1000 books a year. It’s meant to give you the tools you need in order to get a glimpse into every book you need or should read. It utilizes the power of your brain that is devoted to sight. It takes advantage of the fact you will hardly remember most of what you read anyway. It emphasizes reflection and going back only when necessary. It is ruthlessly practical.

We live in an era where the amount of books and articles and journal and blogs and editorials that exist is far more than you can ever hope to read. Most people don’t plan out their reading, they read whatever they feel like and then stop reading when they don’t feel like it and can go for a long time without making any progress in life from reading.

Lastly, people want reading to mean something in their life. They want it as a self-help tool to help them maximize their hustle in life. Ultrareading provides that and approaches reading in a way completely different from what your teachers at school and college taught you. Break out of the old paradigm when it suits you.



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