The Power of One

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  1. Begin your One by eliminating every extra thing. Block ALL social media sites. I have blocked twitter and reddit, which were taking up too much of my time. Ignore ALL news. NOTHING in the news is important to you. Literally nothing. You don’t have the energy to deal with all of this stimulation. You are going back to the hunter-gatherer days where you sit in one spot waiting for a deer to come along and you have nothing else going on. Or the farmer days where you are plowing a field and nothing else is happening, or doesn’t happen, until you’re done. When we work at our computers or keep our smartphones on us, we are constantly aware of the infinity of the internet.
  2. Identify your One thing. For me, it’s learning to code. This is my top priority over everything else. There can’t be anything more important that comes before it, because it’s there for a reason. Once you identify your One thing, you need to justify it, find the reason for it. For me, it’s to get a better job I am suited for with a livable wage. For you it may be fitness because your last visit to your doctor showed you were at risk of heart disease or diabetes. Or it may be getting a job because you are unemployed or recently laid off. Or it could be a desire for a relationship because you want to share your life with someone.
  3. Identify what you need to do to engage in your One. For me, it’s to hop on codecademy and go through the lessons, and then start creating my app. For others it will be constructing a workout plan, going out and meeting strangers or letting your social circle know you are looking for someone, or polishing your resume and finding every job site you can.
  4. Reiterate you cannot focus on anything else. I don’t even care that the Queen of England died or that polio is now considered a threat in my state, those things don’t matter to me, that don’t make a difference in my life (if I really think about it), and they waste my time and energy like vampires.



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